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Is Your Gable Vent Giving You a Problem?

Here is William's excellent description of how he solved the problem of squirrels invading his attic through his gable vents. William is a frequent visitor and valued contributor to our Squirrel Board.

Read on:

Hey John,

I think I told you a while back what my plan was to block access to intruders into our nearly inaccessible (to me, not them) gable attic vents, a plan that was abandoned after I pelletized the tree squirrel that was making our life miserable.

With the reappearance of flying squirrels I decided it was high time to get this onerous project completed even though your most excellent suggestion of baiting a rat trap with apple soaked in maple syrup did the trick Thursday morning when I found the previously nailed to a tree trap on the ground complete with the corpse of an unwary flyer. I will continue to mount the traps in the trees in the hopes of ending more flyers' lives.

All that for this, after very careful planning of what I would need for my project, clearing out one of two closets required to keep my Miss Phyllis happy, somehow managing to get my 180 pound frame through a 16 by 15 inch opening in the ceiling of the wife's closet, I at long last and for the first time got into the very restricted space over our upstairs bedroom.  I had a nice big breakfast prior to the project should I get trapped. I reminded Phyllis that the number to call was 911, kissed her goodbye and refreshed her memory of what music I want played at my funeral. She assured me that if I could get in then I could get out to which I responded that is true unless I am seriously injured, a likely possibility. With that she wished me a fond farewell making some sort of comment like thanks for the good life and good times we have had.

William's photos of his gable vent
gable vent
gable vent

One of the attached photos is an interior shot of one vent covered with a layer of insect screening and quarter inch hardware cloth (not from Home Depot but our local Ace Hardware) secured around the vent's frame with screwed metal strips. The other shot is an exterior shot of the vent. The vent in this photo is accessible from the outside from the roof but the other is about 30 feet above the ground and not easily accessible. Given that they still may eat the wooden slats of the vents in a vain attempt to invade our "attic" my next project is to install hardware cloth, again, from Ace, over the exterior. Given my penchant for falling from ladders, two resulting in semi-serious injuries, I will play it very, very safe and take it very slowly.

Thanks again for all your advice to so many of us suffering from the antics of those "cute" little critters. I am an avid reader and your site is now number one on my list of favorites first thing in the morning.  The company's banking sites can wait till later.

All the best from
The Shed in Oxford where the scotch is good, and today cheering the Ole Miss Rebels.  I am about as happy as a man can be since I didn't die in our attic this fine day....

(from William, from down south, but you, my friend, can call me Bill)

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