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Re: Bed bugs

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Posted by harry on 4:10:11 8/6/2013 from

In reply to: Bed bugs posted by Maria on 0:30:31 3/12/2013 from

i saw 2 bed bugs before i got bit and thought they were roaches so i didn't think much of it. I'm a second shifter and my computer is at the end of my bed so i can sit or lay down and use it. that's why i saw them, i was up at 3a.m. and in my bed. Then i got bit a couple times and remembered what the slightly odd looking roaches looked like, looked them up on the net and bingo! yup, no denying it. i went to the store and got hotshot bug spray and hotshot fumagators, also some stick-em boards. i fumagated my room. fumagated my closet with the door shut, washed all my clothes, treated my box spring and all cracks, crevases baseboards and around all pipes and fixtures going in or coming out of a wall. put stick em boards across just inside my door (i live in a rooming house and have tile floors, i can't even begin to imagine what this fight would be like if i had carpeting) and put my bed legs in cups of vinegar ( a natural poison to all insects) i thought i was i pretty damn good amateur exterminator. little did i know this battle was just getting started. i found a couple dead adult bugs on my floor the next day and 2 on my door stick em boards. I thought ha ha these couple had the strength to crawl out in the process of dying. and the stick em boards (i thought) proved that someone else's strays were wandering in. all was cool for a couple days until i felt an itch at work. I went in the bathroom and found the tiniest little red spot. a pimple ha ha (i nervously told myself) the next day i got bit the F*** up! I live paycheck to paycheck and now was relagated to buying duct tape and putting a grid of outwardly turned tape around the bed legs and a circular pattern around each leg on the floor. I also put three ply of tape right down the middle of the room (cuz i still thought i was being invaded via the door.) i used only a white bedsheet and stayed up all night till the sun came up playing on my computer and only went to sleep with the full brilliance of the sun in my room. as a second shifter. was still getting bit but not too bad. finally payday came and i bought diatomaceous Earth which is a powder that sticks to anything that crawls and basically "slices a bug to ribbons" microscopically. I put it around the perimeter of my room. a PILE of it around the bed legs. Dusted the box spring heavily and even put a full layer under my bed. I wouldn't suggest the more is better approach i used cuz when i woke up the next day my eyes felt all crusty and the finer particles of D earth had floated around (i had a ceiling fan and air conditioner going) and stuck to my eyes. it took me 45 minutes to wash and cry it out. i almost went to the emergency room it hurt so bad. i'm more careful with the air waves in my room and things are better now. anyways, for several days no bites and no evidence of bugs either trying to get in or out of my bed. The powder is white and when dirt and rust fell out of the bed around the bed wheels it made it harder to spot bed bug victums that i KNEW were still around. after a couple days i decided to sift thought the dirt rust and powder to try and find any bugs. The dirt and rust WERE the bugs. Dead bugs. most of them had fed and died trekking through the D-Earth in my boxspring. i know they fed cuz the pieces of dirt had my blood in them and when i squished them across the floor with my finger they left a rusty brown smear of old blood. you could even fool yourself into still saying it WAS rust but we all know better by now. i also found a LINE of unfed dead bugs from a spot under the heater which was like a big fat arrow telling me where a hive was. So the next day i sprayed my mattress inside with bleach and added more D-Earth which had produced the massive (and gross, yuk!) massacre of a bed bug infestation that i had no idea was so advanced. That was a couple days ago. i still get bit here and there but always find deadite's (dead bugs, or the bad evil witches and skeletons in the EVIL DEAD movies) I still get bit here and there but always find deadite's when i do. even though i'm not sure how they keep getting through my beach of D-earth to bit me here and there (clothes? Bedding?) i'm hoping my feed and die trying to get away or die on the way up method reduces my bedite population to zero in the next 6 to 12 months (the longest an adult can go without feeding, arguably depending on what bug site your on) Then i'm moving when i know i won't take 1 stupid little freaking stow away with me. Thanks for listening. Harry.cieszki@yahoo.com

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